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Mount Kenya Alstroemeria

Welcome to Mount Kenya Alstroemeria Ltd, a leading company in growing high-quality and colourful alstroemeria flowers since 2016.



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Discover Mount Kenya Alstroemeria

We produce coulourful, high-quality alstroemeria varieties on the scenic foothills of Mount Kenya,  in 4 hectares of greenhouses.

Mount Kenya Alstroemeria Flowers
Mount Kenya Alstroemeria Flowers

About Us

More Than Just Flowers

Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lily or Lily of the Incas, is a stunning and versatile flower that comes in various colours, such as red, orange, purple, pink and yellow. Each colour has a special meaning and symbolism, making alstroemeria ideal for any occasion. Alstroemeria is also a durable and long-lasting flower that can brighten up any space.


What We Grow

We’re proud of our wide range of high-quality and colourful Alstroemeria varieties that keep things fresh and exciting.

Mount Kenya Alstroemeria - Pallas D. Pink

Pallas D. Pink

Mount Kenya Alstroemeria - Dubai L. Pink

Dubai L. Pink

Mount Kenya Alstroemeria - Yellowstone Yellow

Yellowstone Yellow

Hot Pepper Red

Mount Kenya Alstroemeria - Gland Slum Purple

Grandslum Purple

Mount Kenya Alstroemeria - Xanadu Purple

Xanadu Purple


We're good at what we do

Mount Kenya Alstroemeria Ltd is compliant with the following standards: Flowers and Ornamental Sustainable Standard KFC Silver Certified, Global GAP Member, KS 1758 Certified, MPS ABC Certified, SEDEX Member.

FOSS KFC Silver Certified

Global GAP Member

KS 1758 Certified

MPS ABC Certified

SEDEX Member


What our customers say

Our clients are our greatest asset. We have established long-term relationships with them based on trust, service and value.

More than 60% of our clients have been working with us for over two years, and 85% of those who started with us in our first year are still faithful customers. 

We have a couple of alstroemeria from MKA and they never stop being a source of pleasure to us. We love purchasing them and have always enjoyed dealing with the Kenyan team in terms of understanding the story behind the flowers and also keeping up with new varieties they might have.

Flora Express Team, Dubai

I am soo happy I was connected with Mount Kenya Alstroemeria, my events and local shop have been booming since my first purchase with MKA. I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND working with them.

Emelda Mbeyu Customer, Kenya

Consolidating for MKA has been very wonderful. Amazing flowers, amazing team and amazing relation we've grown over the year. I would totally recommend 11/10.

Robert Fatim Customer

Our primary focus is on fulfilling our clients' needs ​

At Mount Kenya Alstroemeria Flower Farm, we offer fresh and quality flowers for local and international markets. We offer competitive prices, consistency and convenience to our clients. Whether you are looking for flowers for your home, your business, your wedding or your event, we have the right alstroemeria for you

Blog & News

Thoughts from MKA

Explore the beauty of alstroemeria at Mount Kenya Alstroemeria Ltd,  our colorful blooms, and the amazing people who make it happen.

Our story

Our story

About Catalogue Team Contacts X Our Story We have a team of…

Our people

Our people

About Catalogue Team Contacts X Our People Cultivating Beauty and Excellence: The…

The Enchanting Beauty of Alstroemeria Flowers

The Enchanting Beauty of Alstroemeria Flowers

Explore the vibrant world of Alstroemeria flowers at Mount Kenya Alstroemeria LTD.…


Get In Touch With Us​​

Contact us to place an order, request a custom quote, or  ask a question. Our team is here to guide you and deliver high quality alstroemeria right to your door.

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Visit Our Farm

Our farm is in the scenic foothills of Mount Kenya, where we have been producing alstroemeria in 4 hectares of greenhouses since 2016.

Mount Kenya Alstroemeria LTD Logo

Mount Kenya Alstroemeria Ltd, is a leading company in growing high-quality and colourful alstroemeria flowers on the scenic foothills of Mount Kenya since 2016.